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AES is able to provide services ranging from basic design engineering to the approval stage of the manufacturing systems. Prima's expertise includes planning, designing, software, project management, and financial analysis. With over 16 years of experience AES has gained in-depth knowledge in multiple engineering industries such as mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, civil engineering, pharmaceutical industry and the process industry.

AES has its own programmers & designers team. This helps you to design your project according to your requirement. AES offers onsite consultancy for system analysis and in house service for software development. AES has built its reputation on cutting-edge, standardized, self-developed products. Thanks to their modularity, flexibility and precision, they guarantee fast and efficient project completion. This also enables customers to quickly modify their production in line with market changes at any time, while also facilitating step-by-step investment and ensuring a prompt return on that investment.

AES attaches great importance to collaborating closely with its customers, in order to come up with the most efficient solution for each project. The focus is always on the customer's requirements; the assembly automation system is built around it.


Our engineering solution & services team offers a range of key automation solution, Customized Engineering Services for specific application as well as maintenance services of existing system or machine.

In keeping with the increasing demand from our customers for integrated automation systems, our engineering team works closely with clients to conceptualize their control system strategy, identify the required control components, automation and instrumentation products and deliver turnkey solution.

Steps for Automation Solution Process:
  • Preparation of Functional Design Specifications and Onsite/Offsite Testing procedures
  • PLC / SCADA / HMI System Design
  • Selection of Instrumentation
  • Programming / Configuration
  • HMI Database Customization, Graphics Development
  • Preparation of Detailed Drawings and Documentation
  • Panel Engineering, Assembly and Wiring
  • Conducting of Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Commissioning and Site Acceptance tests
Totally application oriented solutions

Recognizing the unique need of each client, we are pleased to offer customized engineering solutions for specific application.

Service Contract

We offer maintenance services of existing installation as well as repairs of faulty and damage products like AC Drives, Control cards, etc.

Steps for Automation Solution Process:
  • Scheduled maintenance for whole system
  • Retro fitting
  • Equipment service
  • Online/ Telephonic support
  • Remote login support

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